Going to court stinks. No matter what kind of dispute you have, court is an unpleasant experience. It is expensive, stressful, and it takes a long time—often years. If it is a dispute that involves children, a court battle often causes irreparable damage to them, even when the parties have the best of intentions. And in the end, people who go to trial usually aren’t happy with the result, even if they “win.”

But what are the alternatives?

That’s where we come in. At Primary Dispute Resolution, we help you come to a resolution that avoids court, or ends the court process if it has already started. You are in control of the resolution. Your resolution can even include (and make legally enforceable) things that a court could never require in the absence of your resolution. Whatever your goals are, we help you find a result that works for you, so that you can get on with your life, your children, your business, and whatever else you’d rather be doing.

In Utah, mediation is required in all contested divorce cases, and it is ordered by judges in many other types cases before the parties can have a trial. More cases than ever are being resolved through mediation.

Though mediation is still referred to as “alternative dispute resolution,” it is evolving into the “primary dispute resolution” mechanism for disputes of all types. Mediation is completely confidential, unlike court where everything happens in public. It is a powerful tool for everyone involved in a court dispute: plaintiffs, defendants, divorcing persons, and anyone else.

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